Women empowerment program project


HTFN offers an opportunity to work with women and developing empowerment within them. The project focuses on women and children from the worst affected areas of the country. We provide a systematic approach to uplift women within nepalease society that help secure a brighter future for them and their children through various volunteer programs and activities. Many women and children are survivors of conflict and many from rural areas are working in miserable and vulnerable conditions. They fight for survival and often put their education, health, development and life at risk. Many of them are also working as bonded laborers and domestic maids who are often traumatized and abused by their employers and seniors. Young girls and women are especially vulnerable in such cases.

These individuals require adequate counseling and guidance in order for any form of rehabilitation to occur. Through social reintegration, the fundamental goal behind the program is to enable these women and children (initially separated from their families and homes) to regain their rights , identity, and status by reintegrating them into society. Rehabilitation is most essential for those who have lost their entire family and lack any form of social support, have no property, and have been displaced due to earthquake and conflict. This is done by rebuilding theExif_JPEG_420ir self-esteem , self confidence , and empowerment them with education and skills training.

We aim to help women who have been victimized due to both moats and government force. We provide shelter and other necessities for such victims. if you have additional skills in any extra-curricular activities, then you are more than welcome to implement them.

As a volunteer you will be able to:

  • Provide the targeted group with basic and various awareness educations (street smarts).
  • Build up their self confidence through counseling and providing them empowerment training.
  • Provide education to the children.
  • Aid in the rehabilitation process of women back into society by providing various skills development and income generating training.